About Blake & Jill

Our Promise To You

Area Knowledge: We are proud to live and work in Durham Region. Every neighbourhood in Durham Region is unique; We promise to educate you on both the benefits and potential drawbacks of each neighbourhood, so you can make your purchasing and selling decisions with confidence.

Client Education: We don't “sell”, we educate! We'll keep you informed at every stage, from house shopping to submitting an offer.

We love what we do: The best part of our jobs is the life long relationships we build with our clients. Currently, over 90% of our business comes from past clients and referrals. How does this benefit our clients? We are able to dedicate our time to serving you, and not looking for new business.

Our Values

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We pride ourselves on providing honest, ethical services to our clients. Our motto is: “We wouldn’t sell you a home we wouldn’t live in ourselves”. With that said, we understand our clients have individual tastes, preferences and goals. Our services and recommendations are based on your unique needs and desires.



Blake Yuill, Sales Representative

Born and raised in Durham Region, Blake knows the Durham Region inside and out. Before obtaining his Real Estate license in 2008, Blake held a variety of Client Service positions across Canada. From Tourism to Retail, his favourite aspect of any job was helping people get exactly what they were looking for.

This desire to assist others unknowingly laid the foundation for his successful real estate career; Blake has an unwavering commitment to helping his clients reach their home ownership and investment goals. Blake's clients benefit from his keen eye for detail and in-depth understanding of local real estate trends and statistics.

In his free time, you can find Blake on the golf course, or spending time with Jill, their children Richie and Perry, and dogs Gimli and Volt.



Jillian Yuill, Sales Representative

Jill obtained her real estate license when she relocated to Durham Region in 2005. From real estate sales to training, Jill’s wide range of positions within the real estate industry has earned her the nickname “Jill of all trades”. Her extensive experience allows her to do what she loves most: educating her clients and helping them make smart investments, both financially and in terms of lifestyle.

In addition to assisting Blake with showings and negotiations, Jill helps Sellers prepare their homes for sale and oversees all administration related to purchasing or selling a home.

When not assisting Blake and their clients, you can find Jill having family room dance parties with their children Richie and Perry, shooing their dogs Gimli and Volt out of the kitchen, or with her nose in a book.

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